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Personal and Family Counseling Services of Tuscarawas Valley, Inc. is a private, non-profit family service agency that assists individual and families by providing many social services, such as counseling, support, advocacy and education, focusing on prevention as well as treatment. Our services are available to all residents of Tuscarawas and Carroll counties.

Treating: Services that address existing mental and behavioral health problems

Residential Services

Harbor House Domestic Violence Shelter
Our domestic violence shelter provides emergency, safe shelter and supportive services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence. Education and case management services are also provided on an outpatient basis. A 24-hour hotline is available for victims to access the shelter and other resources. For more information call 330.343.2778, or Fax at 330-343-7415.

Harbor House Residential Treatment for Women
The program provides residential treatment for women who are in need of intensive treatment for substance abuse issues. The length of the program will be determined based on individual need. Children may accompany their mothers while in treatment. For more information call 330.365.9947.

Harbor Point Domestic Violence Shelter in Carroll County
The program provides residential treatment for women who are in need of intensive treatment for substance abuse issues. The length of the program will be determined based on individual need. Children may accompany their mothers while in treatment. For more information call 330.476.6056.

Recovery Point
Recovery Point is a sober living environment for men in early recovery from opiate addiction. With peer supports and a live-in house manager, the goal of Recovery Point is to help men become stable in their recovery, assist them with finding employment and housing, and help them build sober supports. The house takes a holistic view of recovery, incorporating nutrition, fitness, general wellness, skill building, and sober leisure activities into treatment. Eligible individual must have a minimum of 4 months sober from opiates and be experiencing some housing difficulties.

For more information call 330.343.2778 or our 24-hour hotline: 330.364.1374, or email pfcs@pfcs1.org.

Foster Care

Our foster care program offers placement for children in county custody who are in need of loving homes. Through our medically fragile program we place children with medical problems, handicaps, developmental disabilities and/or traumatic separation issues, from birth to age 18. Our treatment foster care is an alternative to residential care for emotionally troubled children ages 4–18 years who need to learn ways to deal with unhealthy behaviors. Foster caregivers receive extensive training and support and are licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services. We are able to serve youth in counties throughout the State of Ohio. For more information: Call 888.505.2691 or e-mail fostercare@ohioguidestone.org.

Counseling Services

Early Childhood Mental Health Treatment
Our programming works with children, from birth to school age, who are struggling with emotional or behavioral difficulties, either in the home or the community. Our therapists work with parents, teachers, counselors and other professionals to offer the best treatment options.

Home-Based Family Treatment
Our unique, home-based counseling offers intervention for families who need intensive child, youth, adult or family counseling, delivered in the family home. Our counselors work with a wide range of concerns including mental health issues, family communication, anger management, parent-child conflict, behavioral problems, alcohol and drug issues and effective parenting.

Integrated Treatment
Our integrated treatment service works with individuals to overcome co-occurring substance abuse and mental/behavioral health problems. This community-based service supports the recovery process with individual counseling, case management, and crisis management. Our therapists and other service providers are trained in both mental health and chemical dependency.

Outpatient Counseling
We provide personalized, professional services at our outpatient counseling offices to address a wide range of issues including parent-child conflict, marriage or relationship problems, anxiety and stress management, depression, grief, loss, abuse, victimization, drug and alcohol issues and other mental health concerns.

PROTECT Therapy Services
Prevent Relapse Occurrence Team with Enhanced Case management (PROTECT) is designed to work with juveniles with sexual behavior problems who are staying in or returning to the community. PROTECT is a highly structured and efficient program set up in three distinct phases that address education, safety planning and identified risk factors along with the primary mental health concerns.

School-Based Counseling and Support
Our program is designed specifically for the school setting and includes individual, group, parent and family counseling. Our counselors address the social-emotional learning needs of students struggling with behavioral health concerns. Working in the schools allows counselors the ability to consult with school professionals, helping to improve a student’s ability to learn and thrive in the academic setting.

For more information call 330.343.8171 or email pfcs@pfcs1.org.

Psychiatric Services

These services are available for individuals who require additional support, beyond counseling, to deal with life’s challenges. Our psychiatrist/nurse practitioner helps improve everyday functioning through counseling and medication that is monitored closely throughout the treatment process. For more information call 330.343.8171 or email pfcs@pfcs1.org.

Substance Abuse Counseling

Substance Abuse Counseling
Licensed professionals assist and support individuals and families, on an intensive and non-intensive, outpatient basis, to achieve sobriety. Our goal is to establish a client’s abstinence from any and all mood-altering drugs and develop an individualized program of recovery. Counselors utilize special skills to assist individuals, families or groups in achieving objectives through exploration of alcohol and drug problems and/or addiction and their ramifications. Services include assessment; individual, family and group treatment; relapse prevention and education, medication maintenance; crisis intervention; and links to community resources. Psychiatric services also are provided as needed.

Substance Abuse Professional Services (SAP)
A transportation worker who has violated DOT regulations is required to follow a specific procedure, conducted by a trained and qualified Substance Abuse Professional (SAP), before being considered for return to safety-sensitive duties. PFCS works with the individuals to meet their SAP needs and participate in the effort to ensure public safety.

For more information, including referral and eligibility requirements: call 330.343.8171 or email pfcs@pfcs1.org.

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Supporting: Helping Individuals to Build Family, Relationship and Life Skills

Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation

Our consultation program works to identify social and emotional needs of students, prepare them for Kindergarten, and educate teachers on intervention strategies and classroom environments to enhance the experience of the students to ready them for success. The program is available at Head Start locations, as well as through the preschool curriculum of two local, private child care centers. For more information, including location and eligibility, please call 330.343.8171 or e-mail pfcs@pfcs1.org.

Help Me Grow

This state-wide program for first-time expectant parents and children ages 0-3 provides health and developmental services to help children start school healthy and ready to learn. This program supports families with health information, positive parenting education, and connections to community resources. Also collaborates with Early Intervention services for children with suspected delays or medical diagnosis. For more information call 800.755.4769.


This home-based program works with the family to assess their unique needs and develop a plan that addresses parenting concerns and child behavioral problems. Through the use of Nurturing Parenting, The Incredible Years and The Positive Parenting Program, parents will increase their knowledge of their child’s developmental needs, learn positive discipline skills, know each family member’s roles and responsibilities, improve communication within the family unit and decrease child behavioral concerns. For more information, call 330.343.8171 or e-mail pfcs@pfcs1.org.

Growing: Providing Pathways to Help Individuals Become Stronger

Takin’ It To The Schools

Takin’ It To The Schools is a program for 3rd -5th grade chil¬dren, designed to teach them the skills necessary to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse. By learning these skills, the child will be equipped with tools to resist peer pressure and utilize healthier ways to cope with problems. Additionally classroom presentations focused on the prevention of alcohol and other drug use are provided to schools. For more information call 330.343.8171 or e-mail pfcs@pfcs1.org.

Youth Led Prevention

Youth-Led Prevention is designed to engage and embrace young people as partners in their own personal development, teaching them to make healthy lifestyle choices, providing a no-use message against all substances, and involving adults in a guiding and supporting role. In this unique model, male and female students in 9th - 12th grades play an active role in planning, implementing, and evaluating school-wide substance abuse prevention initiatives. For more information call 330.343.8171 or e-mail pfcs@pfcs1.org.